Our Principles of Unity

We are interested in addressing the intersecting crises of energy, capitalism, and environment, the many contexts and ways in which these crises manifest, as well as their complex interactions (for example, peak oil, climate change, resource depletion, food supply, resource wars etc.).

We find such problems to be systemically interconnected, and believe they must be addressed as such. Just as the problems we face are systemic, so must be our analysis.

We also understand that capitalism – given its defining commitment to a competitive market economy, private property, maximization of profits, perpetual economic growth, and unequal power relations – generates the harmful, unsustainable consumption of earth’s resources, and unequal access to and control of those resources by all who need them to survive.

Given the nature of the capitalist system, some of us believe that system cannot sufficiently resolve the intersecting crises of energy, political economy, and environment. Others of us believe that it can. But all of us agree that to remedy these problems, capitalism must be challenged.

In accordance with these principles of unity, therefore, our objectives are:

a. To contribute to a systemic analysis of the intersecting crises of energy, capitalism, and environment, working to deepen understanding, enrich the dialogue, and hone the analytic tools needed to guide actions.

b. To educate and mobilize people around this analysis and the issues it raises, promoting actions and activities consistent with that analysis.

c. To participate in any activity that not only addresses the issues raised by our analysis, but also educates as to the role and limits of capitalism with regard to the issues, pressures the capitalist system towards fundamental change, and suggests models for future alternatives.

d. To advocate sustainable alternative approaches (healthy, humane, just, and economically and politically democratic) that will allow us to live together in a finite world.

e. To support and promote any activities by members of this organization consistent with our Mission Statement, Principles of Unity, and By-Laws, and approved by our members. In this context, we accept differences of approaches and perspectives within our organization, and welcome initiative and creative diversity in the various facets of our work.

f. To forge alliances with people in other areas of activism around our Principles of Unity, creating a decentralized network for joint activities.